Terms of Publication

  1. To be search for authentic, never before published.

2 . The research should not be published in another journal.

3 . The research may not be published in another place after its publication in the Economic Development Journal, unless it has obtained written permission from the editor.

4 . The researcher agrees to transfer the rights of publication of the research to the journal, and if the magazine wishes to re-publish it, it must obtain written approval from the author.

5 . The researcher has obtained the appropriate permission to use material previously published.

6 . Identify the researcher’s sources of research support.

7 . The researcher will be given a hard copy and an electronic copy of the journal and two copies of his research.

8 . All contributions to the Journal shall be subject to scientific arbitration by arbitrators and shall inform the arbitrator of the results of the arbitration and the amendments proposed by the arbitrators, if any, immediately upon receipt of the responses of all the arbitrators.

9 .Research assets that reach the journal are not republished whether published or not.

10. All opinions expressed in the journal are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the views of the journal.

11. Articles will be sent to the magazine’s title through the Algerian Portal for Scientific Journals only.

12. Publication language: Research is published in Arabic, English and French.

Requirements for text submitted for publication

1. Contributions shall be as brief as possible, so that the papers and studies submitted shall not exceed twenty pages, including sources, tables and illustrations. The review of books and reports is not limited to ten pages.

2. The researcher will write his / her name and job on a separate paper with the address of the correspondence, telephone, fax and e-mail numbers. In the case of more than one author, the name that is first mentioned in the order of the names is communicated.

3. The research should contain a summary in the language of research and in English on one page within 150 words per abstract. The research contribution title should be presented in both languages. The article must be classified according to the Jel mark, for further clarification click here.

4 The research is published in accordance with the template of the article on the ASJP site, with the need to adhere to the detailed methodological and detailed conditions and characteristics described in the magazine template.

5. The editor of the article is IMRAD-style, which includes (preface, method, results and discussion, summary, appendices, references and references).

Documents to be delivered:

  1. Research provides an electronic version through the National Portal of Magazines in accordance with the requirements of the text submitted for publication and the Microsoft Word program in accordance with the publishing requirements set forth in the magazine’s website on ASJP.
  2. The researcher submits a request to publish the research, and a commitment to abide by the ethics and conditions of publication, within the detailed copyright transfer document located on the author’s instructions page on ASJP.
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